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Ellen G. White was a prolific 19th century religious writer who produced more than 5,000 journal articles and 40 books on religion, education, nutrition, and Christian living—all with a focus on the loving character of God.

One of her most beloved collections of writings is the Conflict of the Ages, a five volume collection spanning the history of the world from a Biblical perspective, all the way from it’s creation through to it’s future restoration.

The books that make up the Conflict of the Ages series—Patriarchs and ProphetsProphets and KingsThe Desire of AgesActs of the Apostles, and The Great Controversy—were written and revised throughout a 50-year period beginning in the 1850s.

Because of their staying power they have been published and republished in many different formats, sizes, and designs since then. Every time with an intention of capturing the beautiful truth inside.

We at Types & Symbols think it’s time for another update. We think it’s time for a new, beautifully designed, hardcover set—expertly typeset, printed, and bound to match the beauty of words and ideas inside. We want to create books that truly arrest the attention, and we’re calling this edition The Conflict Beautiful.

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