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The Complete Conflict of the Ages Series

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A Solid Sycamore Case for The Books

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The Conflict Beautiful is a new, heirloom-quality, NKJV edition of Ellen G. White’s Conflict of the Ages series. Successfully funded on Kickstarter by over 400 backers, complete sets as well as individual books can now be preordered.

The Story

What We’re Hearing


“The Conflict Beautiful is a unique publishing project that I am extremely excited about. As a complete redesign of Ellen G. White’s most epic work, The Conflict Beautiful is of the highest aesthetic and material quality.”

—Ty Gibson, author, Lead Pastor of Storyline Church and Co-director of Light Bearers

“When I found out about this new edition—this vision to present the Conflict of the Ages in a very user friendly, easy to read, emphasizing-the-story format—I said, ‘this could be the package to engage a fresh generation in a totally new way.’ So I’m a big believer.” 

—Dwight Nelson, Lead Pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church

“Every visionary, every innovator, every thinker, every artist, every creative, needs to have a set for themselves and a set to gift to someone they love.”

—Japhet De Oliveira, Senior Pastor of Boulder Church, Co-founder of the One project

“Innovation meets Inspiration. An idea whose time has come.”

—Jared Thurmon, Head of Strategy & Innovation, Adventist Review Ministries

“These visually striking volumes powerfully convey the warmth, beauty, simplicity, and awe one feels when experiencing the love of God and the drama of the Gospel through the written word. They remind us that even in this digital age of apps, phones, and tablets, there is nothing quite like the look and feel of a beautifully printed book.” 

—David Kim, Co-founder, The Nicodemus Society

“I am most impressed with this project. The Sanctuary imagery and chiastic framework with Christ at the center is a brilliant packaging idea for the wonderful story in these five classic books.”

—Jud Lake, Th.D., D.Min, Professor of Preaching and Adventist Studies, Southern Adventist University

“A timeless work; exquisitely redesigned.”

—Daniel Bruneau, Head of Experience Design, Adventist Review